Oral Cancer Screening



Oral cancer screenings help to save lives and give our patients invaluable peace of mind. If you haven’t undergone a thorough dental exam in the past year or longer, don’t delay – pay a visit to Frost Dental Center at Aventura today. We can help to ensure that your mouth stays healthy for a lifetime.

It is important to note that anyone can get oral cancer at any time, even if a person does not have any of the following risk factors. However, the more of these factors that apply to you, the more urgent it is that you have your mouth screened regularly:


Approximately two-thirds of patients diagnosed with oral cancer are over the age of 55, with the average patient being 62 years old.


Men are roughly twice as likely to develop oral cancer as women.


People who consume relatively few fruits and vegetables as part of their diets are at increased risk of oral cancer.


Those with a family history of cancer, and oral cancer in particular, are at increased risk.

Tobacco use:

Approximately 80 percent of people diagnosed with oral cancer use or have used tobacco. There is no safe form of tobacco use; cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and pipes are all associated with a heightened risk of oral cancer.

Alcohol consumption:

Heavy alcohol consumption is another common trait among those diagnosed with oral cancer, usually in conjunction with tobacco use. Together, alcohol and tobacco use may increase the risk of oral cancer by as much as 100 percent.

  • The bad news is that the death rate associated with oral cancer is among the highest of any cancer because it is usually diagnosed late in its development, when it is most difficult to treat.
  • The good news for you and your loved ones is that routine dental appointments can help to prevent and protect you from oral cancer. In its earliest stages, oral cancer is actually one of the easiest cancers to detect, identify, and treat. By attending regular appointments, you can help to ensure that you catch any irregular growths in your mouth before they have the chance to develop into something more serious.
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